Thursday, 6 March 2014

Matts Introduction.

Hello fellow players, Matt here (Macker).

When I played Orks, I loved Ghazghkull and how much of a beast he was, so I formed my version of him, Overlord Macker, as I'm very character driven and love to sing and dance about them and how they killed yours or should they die, how they escaped death and managed to survive that demolisher cannon. I would always give him an elite retinue of ork Nobs with a souped up Battlewagon.
(You must always write ork in front of that, for risk of dishonouring your family).

Lets say I killed my fair share of things and he was practically invincible, so I got cocky, started putting him against more and more stuff until one Apocalypse battle later, he is on one wound, no ork Nobs and surrounded by marines... I see some scouts, wondering whether to charge them or not, to protect myself for the enemy shooting phase. Fancying my chances, I charged headstrong into the group of lowly wannabees to be killed by a scout sniper rifle up the chuff. Anyway, I digress... and  I will always be known as Overlord Macker.

Nowadays I collect traitor marines, with my new poster boy Tarkath, a terminator lord. (Which is where the term, Tarkath Syndromecomes from: To be instant killed at full wound count by any double strength weapon)

The groups aim has now shifted from just having fun to wanting to do a tournament before we go our separate ways (University e.t.c), so I am now on full automatic with warhammer 40k!

Hopefully you will hear some boring useless nonsense  stories from the group, conversions and paint jobs for my competitive Nurgle army and how it plays. I will post army lists and where I am up too and then let the blog flow!

Macker Out!

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