Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thomas' Introduction

Hi guys, Thomas here. So a little introduction from me. I'm currently playing Space Wolves and Tau Empire, though I started off playing Tyranids (Battle of Macragge FTW!).
I'm notorious for having horrendous luck, so don't expect me to win many games (though I appear to be getting better with the new Tau Codex). Any plasma weapon Jevans is my nemesis - the amount of games we've played against each other is ludicrous! My favourite models in my collection have to be my Wolf Lord Ulfgir Ironfist, who is a was once  tank in challenges due to being an Eternal Warrior no more survivable than a guardsman.
And my Riptide, for the amount of comic relief it has given our group (damn that overheat...).

I'll post some pics of these models soon. But for now, its bye from me.

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