Saturday, 1 November 2014

Coming Home...

Hi guys,

Just a notice that I'll be back home this weekend! So hopefully we'll be able to get together for a game, maybe snap some pics and post 'em up!

In other news, we have been talking about venturing into Warhammer Fantasy (*gasp!*). This will hopefully open up some more opportunities for battle reports and status updates! And it will mean that the Island of Blood sitting at home will finally find some use... In addition, my SciFi Society has organised a Mordheim campaign, which I am taking part in, so hopefully there will be some content on that!

Sorry about our lack of posts, as Jevans mentioned, two of us are now away from the rest of the group now, so opportunities for games (at least, for me) will be limited to the main holiday periods and the occasional visit back home. I'll finally get around to painting some of my stuff, and post some pics of them.

In the meantime, stay tuned!


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