Wednesday, 12 November 2014

New Blood, New Game...

Super-quick update here, after playing my first couple of games of Warhammer Fantasy, I've got to say, I am sold. However, choosing an army has been much more difficult than it was when playing 40k. Indeed, coming from 40k, fantasy feels like a game of rock, paper, scissors, but in a good way... I think.

First Steps on a Long March...

With another friend coming to the hobby (and hopefully this blog) this month, we decided to make a move to Fantasy, and all I can say is I haven't smiled that much in a game for years, that could be down to winning, but honestly, the game mechanics are such that I don't feel under pressure to win a game, instead, playing for the laughs is what its all about. Its a laid back approach to gaming, that certainly allows you to field the models you like, and create your own stories and memorable characters. 

Now, I am not just saying  that it's only good for a smile, far from it. Surprisingly, game play feels much more involved, with the whole army having to come together as one, and while armies offer some obvious tactical advantages, due to the higher level of chance, it genuinely feels that anything  can happen, such as a cannon taking out a unit of 6 ogres in one shot, or the warp storm (playing daemons) killing nearly as much of your own army as your opponent killed. 

Truth be told, certain units definitely outperform others in certain roles, such as a unit of bloodletters cleaving their way through my friends unit of cavalry, however this made me feel like I was playing a game of chess, where I really need to think about every piece not as a separate entity, but a part of a machine, where the 'best' unit need not be the most important piece.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend you try it out. If you play 40k then although its different, it won't take you long to learn at all... and if you have a group of close friends as I do, then you are in for good times.

We should have some battle reports up by the weekend, bear in mind we are all completely new to the rules, so if we get anything wrong please make us aware.

++The vast legions of khorne shall pour from the north, and under my command the red tide will not cease to run, for it is the end times, and khorne cares not from where the blood flows.++

Attributed to Lukos Abrakzhas, Champion of Khorne, Pre-Daemonhood.

And thus the Long March begins...


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