Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Blog changes...

Hi guys, just a short site update.

Things have been quiet for a few days...
That's because I am currently fiddling around with the blog settings, so there may be a few dud links and blank pages etc.

I will also talk about how you can get your own blog on our blog roll.

If there is anything you would like to see added  now would be a good time to say.

Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

I am trying to get some order by adding pages underneath the blog heading, these are still blank, and the pages themselves are subject to change. What pages would you like to see/think would be useful?

I have also updated the ways you can follow us, as always, the email notification remains at the top right, but now there is lots more, with both the members and followers widgets also on the right. It is now easier than ever to follow us; it's just one click away. At the bottom of the page we also  have updated links to all our profiles where you can quickly follow us.

The blog roll has moved position to the left in order to get more room, this means that I can share more of your blogs at once.

If you want your blog promoted on the blog roll, just post a link in the comments below, or message us here at the blog with the new contact us tool that has been added on the right.

The contact us tool  is the simplest way to privately message us, whether you want to get added to the blog roll or simply to get in contact. This means that anyone can contact us with ease.

If there is anything that you think is better or worse as the changes get applies, don't be afraid to comment and make your voices heard, if you want to see something changed, I want to make it happen for you.

Leave suggestions in the comments section below.

Thanks, Zarak.

Don't forget to share this post and follow us, either by becoming a member for free (see right), or by following us on google+. It really makes a difference. Thankyou.

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