Monday, 5 January 2015

Faulty Servitors...

Since the last post, my pc has decided to ritually sacrifice itself to the dark gods, and for some reason I could't post anything. This is still the case, however, I at least finally have access to another computer. Continuing with my electronic woes, carphone warehouse decided to lose my phone around the same time. So I'm glad the technological blackout is gone at least, but I am still without a phone.

With that cleared up, time to move onto the main points of this update...

Due to the lack of my computer, I was unable to send some of the December giveaway winners their prizes. This is just a short update to say that they are now all in the post. 

This also meant I couldn't get around to finishing the pages, meaning they have been left blank for a month now... December was just one of those months for me. Expect a few belated posts.

So or the next couple of weeks at least you will not be able to contact me via my phone, and I will be slow to reply to comments and emails. 

With all that out the way, I thought I would tell you that I've started a new fantasy army, Dark Elves, and I will be painting them up shortly (when I scrape enough cash together to buy the paints that is).

Hopefully the warpsmiths will fix my real pc soon so I can be fully operational once more. *sigh* Oh well then...

Thanks, Zarak.

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