Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Necrons vs Chaos: Painting Campaign...

So as you guys may know, we are a bit rubbish here for painting, with the majority of our collections still 'grey'.

However, we may have the solution... Think of it as a tale of two gamers, with Zarak and Matt facing off against each other as the campaign progresses, who will win, Zarak's necrons or Matt's chaos space marines?

The rules are simple, paint 250pts between battles, with bonuses for best painted armies and getting it done on time. The winner of the campaign will be the winner of the last game, an apocalyptic clash between the two forces.

Here's where it gets interesting...

If you miss your deadline, your opponent will get a bonus 50pts in the next game (and only that game). Also, every two weeks we will post the pictures of the models painted for the next game, and whoever you says army was painted better gets a bonus 50pts in the final game.

For every win in the run up to the final game, you will be awarded 100pts of additional forces in the last game, so winning games as well as painting models on time is really important. There are 1500pts up for grabs along the way.

We aim to get this started on the 7th of February, so we need to paint 500pts by then. Knowing us, there may be a few penalties along the way.

Then the real challenge starts, with the following schedule;

week 1 (14th February) : 500pts game
week 2 (21st February) : paint 250pts more
week 3 (28th February) : 750pts  game (0.5k minimum of last list)
week 4 (7th March) : paint 250pts more
week 5 (14th March):1000pts game (0.75k minimum of last list)
week 6 (21st March): paint 250pts more 
week 7 (28th March): 1250pts game (1k minimum of last list)
week 8 (4th April): paint 250pts more
week 9 (11th April): 1500pts game  (1k minimum of last list)
week 10 (18th April): paint 250pts more
week 11 (25th April): 1750 game (1.25k of last list minimum)
week 12 (2nd May): paint 250pts
week 13 (9th May): 2000 game (1.25k of last list minimum)
week 14 (16th May): paint 250pts
week 15 (23rd May): 2250 game (1.5k of last list minimum)
week 16 (30th May): paint 250pts
week 17 (6th June): 2500 game (1.5k of last list minimum)
week 18 (13th June): paint 250pts
week 19 (20th June): 2750 game (1.75k of last list minimum)
week 20 (27th June): paint 250pts
week 21 (4th July): 3000pts game (end game, apocalypse, bring anything made previously)

The winner of the last game will get a yet undecided prize.

As usual if you have any questions just post them in the comments section below. Knowing me I will have missed off something very important, so if anything doesn't make sense, don't be shy to tell me that I'm an idiot.

Thanks, Zarak.

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  1. This is a great idea to keep each other motivated, which is really hard, especially when you have a sea of grey to deal with! Something else you might find interesting is the FTGT's hobby challenge. It might provide a bit more incentive for you guys! Either way, I love the point penalty system :)


  2. I will probably have to delay this by a week due to the imminent release